Hi, I’m Marianne.

For 9 years, I’ve been working with individuals, teams and organizations in every stage of the agile journey. Connecting people is my super power! I bridge the communication gap between leaders and experts in different departments thanks to my Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, high levels of empathy and strong facilitation skills.

Industries I’ve worked in include IT, automotive, travel and medicine with companies across Europe, in Cuba and the US.

Supporting remote teams has been my jam since 2017.

Letting me facilitate your meetings may lead to
smiley faces and better collaboration!

Certified Scrum Professional – ScrumMaster® by Scrum Alliance

What I can do for your team as an Agile Coach

People use agile practices to understand their customers better, improve products, simplify their workflows and remove knowledge silos.

It sounds simple, but it’s not easy. That’s where I come in.

By listening and observing, asking good questions and facilitate conversations, I help teams to find out what needs to be adjusted and how they can integrate these changes into their daily work. I also support teams to collaborate more, communicate better, resolve conflicts and remove impediments so people can do their best work.

Teams can be any level, size or department, from 50 developers, to 10 sales reps to 3 CEOs.

Sounds like what you need? Then click here and

Happy me in Lisbon, Portugal

In my free time

I am a

  • cat mum of 3
  • sketchnoter and visual thinker
  • jigsaw puzzler (Ravensburger plz)
  • city-trip taker.
  • My favorite tools are pens, paper and post its
  • I love alliterations, can you tell?
  • At any given time I’m reading at least five books simultaneously
  • between meetings, you’ll find me on the patio taking care of my plants

Giving back

When I travel for work or to conferences, I buy from local artists and find organizations to donate to. In 2022, these are some of the places I have supported. Maybe you feel inspired to check them out and donate to them as well.

Konstanz, Germany


Porto, Portugal


Edinburgh, Scotland



AGJ supports services for homeless people and women suffering from domestic violence

Miacis takes care of cat colonies living around Porto, providing food, vet visits and neuturing

Crew 2000 has drop-in places providing free care products, contraceptives, tests for pregnancy and AIDS as well as an open, non- judgemental ear for anyone in need

“Build longer tables and send cooks!” In 2022, Chef José Andrés and his collaborators has provided 195 Million Meals in Ukraine and 10 million meals in over 30 other countries