Dealing with your Inner Critic

Most of us have it, this negative, mean voice in our heads that shames us and stops us from doing, saying or trying things. At work especially, we might be afraid to share our ideas, ask a question or try something new. They wisper in your ear: ‘everyone thinks you’re a looser anyway’ or scream: ‘if you do this, you will die!’

I’ve had 20 years of trying out different strategies for dealing with my harsh inner critic voices. Here, I am sharing the one way that has really worked and is still working: use a pen to see them in front of you. Then we can see them, name them, feel their energy and maybe even discover that they are not that scary after all.

Something new and scary is happening in your company? A merger, an agile transformation, a team split or a big project? Let’s get the people together and proactively share what’s scary for them. After this interactive workshop, they will realize: I am not alone in my fear. Seeing a row of specific monster posters makes a converstation about them so much easier.

You need a different format for your company offsite or an entire day- long workshop based around this?
No problem, let’s talk about it.

Graphic Recording by Wenke Kramp @wenke_sketches_notes