What you’ll get

Most employees know very well what’s missing when things are stuck. Often it’s clarity on roles and responsibilities. What are they allowed to do and decide? Let’s co-create the solutions that fit your team or department.

With more clarity people can can things done better and quicker. Let’s encourage your employees to speak up about what needs to change. Open conversations build trust, which in turn makes meetings more productive. A high return on time invested – yes, please!

I don’t believe work has to be oh-so-serious all the time. Some laughter helps people relax, connect to each other better and is a huge morale boost. Let’s infuse some joy into getting things done, shall we?

The Marianne difference

From call to contract

Let’s get on a call to say hi and see how I can support you.

If you like my proposal, I meet the team in question and chat with them to see if it’s a good fit.

They can discuss and think and if we all agree to try it out, we’ll get things going.

My work with your team

First we have to find out what the people see, know and want.

Then we come up with ways to do things better, easier, more effective.

Changing behaviors and remembering agreements needs time, so we practice together.

We repeat this 3-step-process as often as we can in a way that makes sense for everyone.

Ready to talk?