Why I am writing this blog

Before my first barcamp, I read “No spectators, only participants”. I asked myself what I could contribute. My first thought was: Nothing. It is a PMCamp and everyone who goes there knows a lot more about PM (project management) than I do.

But then the following question popped up:

  • What do I know how to do, what others don’t?

“Sketchnotes! Well, if you can call it knowing. I’ve been doing it for 3 months. I could do a ‘Sketchnotes for beginners’ class.” So I took the handful of knowledge I had, painted, built, planned, dreamed. After two weeks of preparation my session was done: ‘Sketchnotes for meetings’.

And what can I say, it was a huge success! The room I was in was bursting at the seams, people were standing by the window and by an extra high table from the lobby. The energy in the room was bombastic! There was hooting, giggling, laughing and everyone painted with joy.

After that, I could not save myself from embraces, hands shakes and bright faces. All the compliments and thank yous completely floored me. Literally. When everyone was out, I cried. With joy and happiness and being overwhelmed and everything.

Those who couldn’t join my session asked me to offer it again the next day. I did and it was the only repetition on the entire Barcamp.

This experience made a few things very clear to me:

  • Things that are easy for me are difficult for others.
  • My personality makes me special.
  • If you give whole-heartedly, you’ll get it back thousandfold.

All this I already knew, theoretically, in my head.
This experience made it tangible, truly, undoubtedly true.

And that is exactly why this blog, my blog is now here. I want to share what I already know and what I am still learning. Because quite possibly, I could help someone with it. Help to think about something, to ask new questions or dare to do something. That would be just the best thing.

This is the beginning. I am looking forward to this learning-thinking-writing-exchange-voyage with all of you! Let’s go!



Me after the session: floored.