Sketchnote Connect 2020

Logo created by Katrin Mäntele @kleinerW4hnsinn

A new online event with a focus on connecting people
already in and new to the International Sketchnote Community

Like the International Sketchnote Camp, just online!

🥳🥳 We already have Sketchnote friends from 12 countries joining us, can you imagine?! 🥳🥳

Fri, 25th – Sun, 27th September 2020
3 day event:
Start is Fri 3 pm Berlin/ 9 am NYC
End is Sun 4 pm Berlin/ 10 am NYC

For more details see time schedule and timezone overview below.

To avoid zoom fatigue, we will have lots of breaks. Self care is important!
This event is a space to share, learn & collaborate and we will have lots of time for chatting and connecting with each other.

Everyone is welcome!
Total beginners as well as experienced Sketchnoters and everything in between.

We will have a barcamp structure, which means you, the participants, will fill it with life!
Every participant can offer, ask for and attend sessions on the topics they like. What is a barcamp? Click here to see – you guessed it- a sketchnote

Here is the tme schedule as of right now.
As we go through the days, we might adapt things to make them work even better.

Here are a few clarifications on the different sections

timezones overview

Regular Ticket
60 Euros + sales plattform fee
with buying this ticket, you also support the Helping Hand tickets

Helping Hand Ticket
30 Euros + sales plattform fee
the price should not hold you back from joining us,
please choose to this option if money is tight right now.

After you buy your ticket, you will get regular updates and more infos via email.

Facilitation and keynote will be English.
You are absolutely free to speak the language you prefer in the sessions and when you connect to others.
Rest assured that people will gladly help you out when you get stuck on a word 🙂

We’ll be using Zoom for video and Miro for collaborating
If you are new to these tools, we will help you get started + there will be support throughout the event

You have questions or concerns?
Please send me a message, I’ll get back to you.

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