My Workshops

I absolutely love to meet people and share what I know!

Here is a list of the workshops I offer.


“Sketchonotes for Meetings”

45 or 60 min

“But I can’t draw!” is something I hear way too many people say. They are too scared or too embarrassed.

Why is drawing such a helpful skill for everyone?
Having a simple sketch can support your words when you explain things to someone else.
Often it helps to visualize on a flipchart during a meeting to see the different options and come to a conclusion.
Taking notes in workshops or during discussions with your colleagues helps you remember better.
Plus you can impress with beautiful flipcharts in your next customer presentation!

So by making ideas visible you can improve collaboration, support communication and foster decision making.

In this workshop I will show you how you can draw wonderful yet super simple icons and symbols, all on them based entirely on rectangles and triangles.
Everyone can draw rectangles and triangles, right? Yes, indeed. You can too.
Come along, we will draw imperfect, clumsy shapes together and have fun while doing it!


User Story Mapping

45 or 60 min

Designing all functions of a new app in an hour? Come up with a vision, goals and the entire release plan for a product in a day? Get the stakeholders and the development team in one room to achieve a common understanding on what needs to be done and why.

This is THE one tool every Project Manager, Product Owner and Scrum Master should know about. I’ll show you how to use this powerful and collaborative approach.


How to deal with your inner critic

45 min talk or 120 min workshop

“You are clearly too old to change careers. What will people think? Your art is not good enough to share it with others. Who do you think you are? Act your age. Why don’t you know how to do this?”

Nearly everyone hears it sometimes, this nagging and bugging voice inside. It uses shame, blame, judgement and ridicule to stop you from challenging the status quo and changing something in your life.

Let me share my tactics with you on how I deal with my inner critic. In this workshop we will go through some exercises together to capture and understand the doubts and how help ourselves when they get too loud.


Story Cubes 

15 – 45 Min

A super easy way to foster creativity and bring more play into the workplace!

Story Cubes are cubes with pictures.
They are endless ways to use them at work: brainstorm new ideas, analyze the last sprint, vocalize fears, give feedback.

Also, you can use them for having a great time with your friends inventing crazy stories, laugh and have a great time together.
Your kids can benefit, too, when learning a language or improving in story telling.