About me


I am Marianne.

  • I am a cat mum of 3
  • Buying plants is my love language, Calatheas are my favs
  • Non-fiction reader and city-trip taker
  • My chocolate vegan muffins are carnivore approved
  • Singing Hamilton soundtrack since March 2016 #nonstop
  • Pens, Planner and Post its – a paper-gal all the way
  • I love alliterations, can you tell 😉


My very official speaker bio

I have been an avid seeker of new concepts, ideas, and teachers, since I started my quest to understand myself and my feelings better fifteen years ago. In my professional capacity as an agile coach, I work to support others in their daily work, having fun doing it. To live the most awesome and authentic life possible, I work to fulfill my dreams, aiming to only do what I really want to do. This passion also fosters my spare time activity, offering Sketchnote workshops to foster creativity in those who claim they can’t draw.