About me


I am Marianne (english speakers can say Marian 😉

In this blog I write about my passion Sketchnotes.

If you like what I am writing or if you’d like to share your thoughts with me, please drop me a message.

Email              marianne.rady at gmail dot com
Twitter           @MarianneRady
Instagram     @mariannerady


13 things about me

  1. When I speak in front of people, I’m in flow. I love it!
  2. In school did acting for 7 years. Now finally after a 13 year break I started again. Why did I wait so long??
  3. People in the IT scene often address me about my analog paper calendar. Or they shake their heads uncomprehendingly. Tss tss.
  4. Sometimes I squeak. Actually they’re hickups, however, it sounds like squeaking.
  5. I bake fantastically good muffins and cakes. Nom nom nom.
  6. “I’m not throwing away my shot” from Hamilton is my song of the year.
  7. All books I read are non-fiction. Only for Sarah Kuttner I make exceptions.
  8. When I have to calm down, I go into a NanuNana. So many colors at once – sigh.
  9. In almost all of my university courses I was the only girl. It was great.
  10. Avowed Cumberbatch fan. His acting just knocks my socks off.
  11. When I say “I’m just looking!” I am either at the books rummage table or in the plant department
  12. I like to chat with cats. They are nice.
  13. I made my Scrum Master certificate on a Friday the 13th.


My very official speaker bio

I have been an avid seeker of new concepts, ideas, and teachers, since I started my quest to understand myself and my feelings better fifteen years ago. In my professional capacity as a scrum master, I work to support others in their daily work, having fun doing it. To live the most awesome and authentic life possible, I work to fulfill my dreams, aiming to only do what I really want to do. This passion also fosters my spare time activity, offering Sketchnote workshops to foster creativity in those who claim they can’t draw.